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Liaisons to City Departments



 City Attorney Brian Frobisher
 Public Works Billy Greenfield
 Animal Services Chris Alves
 NC Sustainability Alliance Jamie Ramirez
LANCC Sandy Garcia
LANCC Marie D’Antonio
LANCC Ben Disinger
PlanCheckNC Helene Schpak
PlanCheckNC Brendan Curran
DWP MOU Laura Huben
DWP Advocacy Committee Billy Greenfield
DWP Advocacy Committee Heather Thomas

City Attorney Liaison –
Works with the Chairperson, EmpowerLA and the office of the City Attorney – Neighborhood
Council Division.

Public Works Liaison – Liaisons will serve as the primary point of contact within Neighborhood Councils on the Clean Streets Initiative, which was announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti on April 23, 2015. Focused on creating a cleaner and more livable city, the Clean Streets Initiative provides funding for additional trash bins, a third Clean Streets Strike Team, the development of a cleanliness assessment system, and increased enforcement of illegal dumping. The Liaison will work with the Board of Public Works, Mayor’s Volunteer Corps and Office of Community Beautification to organize clean ups, increase 311 reporting in their area, and engage local stakeholders on how to maintain street cleanliness. Liaisons will receive regular communication from the Board regarding pending agenda items, and will be invited to a bi-monthly Liaison meeting with Public Works staff.

Animal Services Liaison –
The liaison will work with Animal Services on creating their new strategic plan and continue communications with Animal Services for their communities on how to help save the lives of more animals and better serve and protect our neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Representative(s) – advances sustainability and resilience across LA through advocacy, sharing of best practices, and community action. The NCSA holds regular public forums and events, and collaborates with Neighborhood Councils, public agencies, and environmental and other community organizations to support effective engagement on L.A.’s Sustainable City Plan, drought response strategies, climate action, and other timely sustainability issues.

Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) Representative –
LANCC is a coalition of Neighborhood Councils made up of Neighborhood Council leaders from all over the City of LA. LANCC is intended to enhance the ability of NCs, as well as their clout and influence, giving a larger voice on issues affecting more than one neighborhood. Meets 1st Saturdays at 10am.

PlanCheckNC LA Liaison –
a unique grassroots alliance created by NC stakeholders to promote more stakeholder participation in planning and land use issues and make government more responsive to local community needs. Education Programs and Issue Forums are held on 2nd Saturdays at 10am.

DWP MOU Oversight Committee Representative –
The DWP MOU Oversight Committee was formed to ensure that the NCs receive the information due to them per the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Water and Power and the Neighborhood Councils. The Oversight Committee meets 1st Saturdays 8:30am (even months).

DWP Advocacy Committee Representative – The DWP Advocacy Committee was formed to give Neighborhood Councils an opportunity to take a position on issues. The DWP Advocacy Committee takes positions on issues related to the safe and economic delivery of water and power, engaging Neighborhood Councils on those positions and then broadcasting them to the DWP, the City Council, and the Mayor. The Advocacy Committee meets 1st Saturdays 8:30am (odd months).