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Committees are one of the ways that a Neighborhood Council manages its many duties.  There are board members in every committee, but committees can also have community members.  Each committee serves a specialized purpose such as reviewing land use matters, conducting community outreach, or maintaining the website.  They set their own agendas and decide when to meet, but they have limited autonomy; they cannot act or present views on behalf of the Neighborhood Council, and whatever conclusions they come to are sent to the full GPNC board as a recommendation. The GPNC board decides, at a board meeting, whether to act on those recommendations.  The board has full power to create or disband committees as it deems necessary.
Every meeting must be announced and its agenda posted (on the bulletin board outside of the Community & Senior Center, on our website, and sent to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment at at least 72 hours before the meeting.  No items may be considered for a vote that do not appear on that meeting’s agenda.  If you wish to see something on a committee’s agenda, contact that committee in advance of their meeting.

Executive Committee

Contact the Executive Committee:
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, 7pm, Glassell Park Community and Senior Center

  1. Chair: Benjamin Disinger
  2. Vice Chair: Marie D’Antonio
  3. Treasurer: Marge Piane
  4. Secretary: Laura Huben
  5. Member-At-Large: Brian Frobisher

Bylaws Committee

Contact the Bylaws Committee:
Meets as necessary. Please see the Calendar

  1. Chair: Benjamin Disinger
  2. Recorder: Tony Butka
  3. Jamie Ramirez
  4. Brian Frobisher
  5. Marge Piane
  6. Helene Schpak
  7. Marie D’Antonio

Grants and Funding Committee

This committee is accepting new members at its next meeting.

Contact the Grants and Funding Committee:
Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Please see the Calendar

Outreach and Communications Committee

Contact the Outreach and Communications Committee:
Meets as necessary. Please see the Calendar

  1. Chair: Sandy Garcia
  2. Recorder: Anna Roberts
  3. Jamie Ramirez
  4. Benjamin Disinger
  5. Jane McElroy
  6. Isaac Santiago
  7. Chris Alves

Planning and Land Use Committee

Contact the PLUC Committee:
Meets on the last Thursday of every month, 7pm, Glassell Park Community and Senior Center

  1. Chair: Marge Piane
  2. Recorder: Helene Schpak
  3. Benjamin Disinger
  4. Jared Johnson
  5. Brendan Curran
  6. Molly Lynn Taylor
  7. Laura Huben
  8. Patrick Cleary
  9. Andrea Padilla

Public Arts Committee

Contact the Public Arts Committee: 
Meets as necessary. Please see the Calendar

  1. Chair: Crystal Lynn Orozco
  2. Benjamin Disinger
  3. Jamie Ramirez
  4. Chris Alves
  5. Marcie Rose
  6. Margaret Arnold

Website and Internet Technology (WIT) Committee

This committee is accepting new members at its next meeting.

Contact the WIT Committee:
Meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

  1. Chair: Jamie Ramirez
  2. Benjamin Disinger
  3. Sandy Garcia
  4. Brian Frobisher

Ad Hoc Committees

2017 Holiday Lighting

  1. Chair: Benjamin Disinger

2017 Great Streets

  1. Chair: Benjamin Disinger
GPNC Manual

  1. Chair: Benjamin Disinger
  2. Marie D’Antonio
  3. Laura Huben

Neighborhood Watch

  1. Chair: Patrick Cleary