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SURVEY: weigh in on public safety

Want to voice your opinion about police and fire department service in Glassell Park?  Here’s a chance for you to weigh in and let the city know how these things are handled in our area.  You can skip right to the link and start taking the survey here:  … But if you want to know more about what this survey is and where it comes from, read below for a copy-paste from the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates for the Northeast Los Angeles area.

The first Budget Advocates’ survey will be done in multiple sections of 4 or 5 questions to encourage more participation – the first is on public safety – police, fire and emergency services – and went out through the NC system this morning.  It’s the first in a series of short surveys designed to gauge how successful the City departments and City Council are in living up to stakeholder expectations.  The Budget Advocates are specifically reaching out BEYOND the Neighborhood Council system to ensure the responses are from a broad variety of stakeholders.  The link for this and subsequent surveys will be posted on our website. Please take the survey and pass the link along to your neighbors here in the Northeast and to your friends across Los Angeles. 


Surveys will be circulated every couple of weeks on a variety of issues – transportation, unions, ethics, finance, public works, etc. – and we want to hear YOUR opinions.


The Budget Advocates met last Saturday and are in the process of interviewing City Departments and Commissions about their budget needs and concerns as well as discussing ways the City can save or make money without reducing services or raising taxes/issuing bonds.


The Budget Advocates issued a preliminary White Paper three weeks ago calling on the City Council’s Budget and Finance committee to address vital points from the LA 2020 Commission Report for which they have yet to assign a Council File let alone act on them. These are: creating an independent Office of Transparency and Accountability to evaluate City budget issues from outside of City Hall, require the City develop a 3 year budget to understand longer term consequences of its legislation and policy changes, use more realistic assumptions on pension and debt projections, create a Commission for Retirement Security to evaluate the growing concerns about the City’s pension obligations.


The Budget Advocates call on all Neighborhood Councils to contact their Councilmembers by phone and in writing in support of these items.


If people would like to contact any of the Budget Advocates, they can go to and click on “Who Are the Budget Advocates?”